A Very Special Mito Birthday!!!!!

Tomorrow, March 24th, 3 days before the 1st Annual Mito-What?5K,  is the birthday of a very special little boy.  Not only is he special to his family but he holds a very special place in my heart!  From the moment I first met him I could see what a sweet spirit he had, one that wouldn't give up or get discouraged.  When he smiles your heart melts instantly, you can't help but want to see that smile as often as you can.  Some may not realize what a smile from a child can do for your spirit, but I know it can heal those who hurt and it can ease fears for those who are afraid,  I know because that's what his smile does for me!  I sit hear typing this with my lip quivering because I am so very emotional that so many have come to know him and learn about his disease and want to help, and tomorrow this sweet little angel,  and one of the most famous kids I know will be turning 3!  I love you Jack Jack and I am so glad you were born, you have taught me how precious life is and so much more!