Want to meet another Mito Kid?

Well let me introduce you to Bryan!

Bryan is five years old and was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease in September, 2008, after almost four years of searching for answers to his health, growth and developmental issues. When Bryan was born, he had difficulty feeding (it would take over two hours to finish a two ounce bottle). This went on for 2 1/2 years until he finally started to eat solid foods. He has multiple food allergies and cannot consume anything that contains milk, eggs, wheat or nuts. Bryan has developmental delays as well as fine and gross motor skill difficulties. He started having seizures at 13 months of age and has been on multiple medications over the past few years to try to control his seizures. At first glance, Bryan "looks" healthy and normal. But, when he gets even the most minor of illnesses, a common cold or sinus congestion, he "crashes" and does not have enough energy to speak at all or feed himself anywhere from several days up to two weeks. When Bryan is not sick, his brain is on overdrive and his energy level is that to where he is unable to sit still and focus for more than a minute at a time which leads to cognitive and learning difficulties. He is quite the charmer and has a personality to light up a room and gives a hug to anyone who is standing within reach. And if you don't think you can walk/run the 5k I bet Bryan will be happy to cheer you on and run the whole way with you!!!