Emma's Story

Emma LaCroix is a happy 8 year old who enjoys eight year old activities...family vacations, playing on her baseball team, fishing and hunting with her dad, cooking with her mom. No one would know by those smiles that she faces many challenges every day. Emma was born full term and has always been her parent's pride and joy. Emma was a poor feeder as an infant. By three months of age, doctors began to notice some developmental delays. Then came the onset of seizures. Later, respiratory difficulties and frequent infections became a part of her life. After 18 long months of evaluation at three major medical centers, Emma was diagnosed with a form of mitochondrial disease called cytochrome c oxidase deficiency. She has very weak muscles and is in a wheelchair. She undergoes physical/speech/occupational therapy, has frequents seizures, is G-tube fed and receives multiple breathing treatments and medications throughout the day. As you can see, her smile remains infectious and she brings joy to those that surround her. She has a lot to teach us all about life....live each day to it's fullest! We continue to hope and pray for a cure someday for Emma and all those affected by mitochondrial disease.