Another special Mito Friend!

This is my newest Mito friend...Asa. Asa is a handsome little 2 year old that was diagnosed with
Mitochondrial Myopathy Complex IV in November 2008. Asa's body cannot make enough energy so that his muscles will work properly. When Asa was born he was Hypotonic (very floppy), as time went on Asa was still very floppy and also having trouble eating on his own. He was given a G-Tube in July of 2008 to help with his feedings and help him gain weight. At that time he also had a muscle biopsy which eventually lead to his diagnosis. Asa is a "Tough Cookie" but he sure could use an army to help in his fight against Mitochondrial Disease! Check out Asa's blog and caring pages!

Asa in his Theratog suit

Asa in his toilet paper suit!