And the list just keeps getting bigger!!!

That's right the sponsor list! We have just added to more sponsors to the Mito-What?5K and we are so very grateful to have these two local businesses be a part of such a wonderful event for a great cause!

First of all we need to say a big thank you to Paul Harless & the one and only Justin Timberlake for signing on Mirimichi as a Gold sponsor! Mirimichi is all about community and being a part of Millington and it's events and we are so happy that they signed on with us! If you have not been to Mirimichi you are really missing out! I don't play golf but I have had lunch there and the food was tremendous, and the grounds are beautiful beyond anything I could ever try to explain, you just have to go see it for yourself! And to add it the beauty that already exist they are in the process of adding more! They are closing from January 15th to July 17th to do 3 years worth of course improvements, but you better believe that when it opens back up to the public it will be something to see! So when you go check them out make sure you thank them for being a sponsor for the Mito-What?5k!

Our second sponsor for the week is Millington Child Development Center! They have signed on as a silver sponsor and once again we are so happy that another local business is taking part in this event with us. They have seen several of the Culley family kids come through their doors and we all know they love them like they are their very own. So if you are in the market for childcare in Millington make sure you check them out!

Millington Child Development is located at:

8190 Densford Circle West, Millington - (901) 872-8058